Joanne's Longarm Quiting Services

A seamstress for 40 years and a quilter for 20 years, Joanne has enjoyed a long-time passion for the crafts of sewing and quilting.

Joanne offers longarm quilting services as the mainstay of this new business. This service is the process by which a longarm sewing machine is used to sew together a decorative quilt top, quilt batting (warmth layer) and a quilt backing into a finished quilt.

The Company will also offer custom quilt design: Joanne will take customers through the entire quilting process: from design and choosing a pattern, to shopping for fabrics and finally, to the finished product. Joanne’s personal style is a unique aspect of the business. Custom quilt consultation will include recommendations by Joanne and offer her unique sense of style, while accommodating the customer’s interests. Joanne’s specific style interests include:
- Patchwork quilting
- Landscape quilting (Art Quilts)
- Fabrics and designs of the prairie settlement era (civil war era): mid-19th century through the turn of the 20th century

Joanne’s own quilts emulate these beautiful purposed creations as great example of the journey traveled, friendships and community connection.

Joanne has recently purchased a 2013 APQS Millennium hand crafted in America and built to last. Millennium uses the most advanced technology in the industry, the most precise stitch regulator available giving you the accurate stitches where and when you want them. Joanne uses Quilt Path computerized system to help guide every quilt its most beautiful completion.








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