Preparing Your Project for Longarm Quilting

Your Quilt preparation should include:
- trimming threads,
- piecing backing
- squaring top and backing
- pressing

Preparation Steps:

Apply borders evenly
- Measure width of piece quilt top in at least 3 places – the average of these measurements is the width of your top and bottom border. Pin border starting at center point and edge. Pin in at least 4-8 points across, ease as you attach border.
- Repeat for the side border this time include the top and bottom border in your measurement.
- Fullness and puckering of the borders cannot be quilted out.

Remember to remove salvage edge when stitching backing pieces together
- salvage shrinks at a different rate than fabric

Press quilt top and back well and fold carefully

Please secure all seams and trim all threads
- Untrimmed threads can show in finished quilt.

Stay stitch any heavily pieced blocks along outer edge of non-bordered quilts

Fold top. Backing and batting separately. Do not baste layers together

Mark top of quilt and backing with a safety pin.

NOTE: Quilt backing must be at least 6” wider and longer than quilt top. Batting must be at least 4” wider and longer than quilt top.

APQS - Proud Longarm Quilter