Longarm Quilting Services

Joanne's Longarm QUilting - Stitching ServicesSTITCHING (INCLUDES “GLIDE” THREAD)

Edge-to-Edge Basic Stitching - $0.02 per sq. in.
(Continuous line stitching, no stopping covers all blocks and borders)
Edge-to-Edge Complex Stitching - $0.025 per sq. in.
(Continuous line stitching with increased density or separate border stitching)
Custom Stitching - $0.04 per sq. in.
(Designs stitched on individual blocks with separate border patterns)
Deluxe Stitching - $0.05 per sq. in.
(Dense stitching on individual block with separate borders)


Joanne's Longarm Quilting - Binding ServicesBINDING

Machine attached ready for customer finishing - $0.05 per linear inch
Machine attached & machine finishing - $0.15 per linear inch
Machine attached & hand finished - $0.30 per linear inch





Joanne's Longarm Quilting - Additonal ServicesADDITIONAL SERVICES

Custom Quilt - estimates available on a per project basis
Quilt Top Preparation (cleaning threads, pressing seams etc.) - $30.00
Squaring quilt top - $20.00
Squaring quilt backing -$12.00
Piecing backing (per seam) - $10.00
Piecing batting (per seam) -$10.00
Pressing - $15.00



Joanne's Longarm Quilting - Products AvailablePRODUCTS AVAILABLE

Basic Backing Fabric - current retail pricing (no markup)
Basic Cotton Batting - current retail pricing (no markup)
Specialty threads - metallic, invisible





Bring in 3 projects at one time
& receive 25% off stitching!



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